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Employment generation

There will be a Human Resource area, which will aim to ensure the well-being of our employees by developing appropriate recruitment and recruitment processes.

Personnel Training

Taking into account that for COLOMBIANA DE CANNABIS SAS, education is one of the fundamental pillars for the development of the country and of our organization, strategic alliances will be made with certified national and international institutions, which will be made available to our workers and from the community that voluntarily wishes to participate.

Social responsability

The company will always be committed to the well-being of its workers and the surrounding environment, contributing directly to the development of the region through job creation, Personnel Training, housing reconstruction, and Commitment to the Environment Ambient.

A brief description of the activities consistent with social responsibility that will be developed in COLOMBIANA DE CANNABIS S.A.S.

Our company will also contribute to the well-being of its workers through the delivery of healthy and sustainable materials to rebuild their homes and those of their families; as we commit ourselves to the Arhuacos Kogi and Wayuu Indigenous communities that live in the area.

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