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Our Mission

We are an Agroindustrial company with competent, qualified human talent, dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis with high CBD content for medicinal purposes, extraction and marketing of oil for various medical and industrial applications, committed to the agro-industrial process, product quality, safety and occupational health, environmental protection and the use of natural resources to meet customer expectations through quality management models and generating social commitment.

Our main objective is to build an Export CBD Crude Oil Refining Plant that meets international quality criteria and parameters, in order to achieve positioning of our brand and products in the industry at a global level.

Our Community

Our Vision

In the year 2022 our company will be manager and transformer of the agrarian economy of the zone of influence of the crop, and of the Department of the Guajira; It will be a pioneer company, leader and with great worldwide recognition for the quality and purity of its products and processes. In addition, it will contribute socially and in an innovative way with the Indigenous people and with the Environment, with a view to preserving and increasing the quality of life of people and our permanence by complying with customers, the community and shareholders.


These are some of our corporate values:

• Honesty
• Cost effectiveness
• Trust
• Teamwork
• Quality and continuous improvement
• Discipline
• Commitment
• Leadership.

Strategic Objectives

• Produce and sell Cannabis oil, Hemp Fibers (HEMP), and Hempcreto (Hemp-based concrete, Hemp bricks), of the best quality and performance. "Profitable growth and sustainable development".
• Offer employment alternatives to the inhabitants of the region to encourage their labor separation from illegal activities if they are linked to them.
• Work for the competitiveness and sustainability of the Colombian Industrial Cannabis sector.
• Contribute to the supply of sustainable raw material to be used as an input in the Industrial and medical production of Cannabis.
• Value generation: the company plans not only to produce the cannabis input that the law allows, but also to advance in the value chain and produce not only food for animals but also Housing Materials and other sustainable industrial solutions.

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