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We will contribute to the well-being of our planet earth through industrial solutions of Sustainable Cannabis, reducing not only the impact of CO2 on the environment but helping to clean it as the hemp plant or as we will call it from now on –HEMP- It has friendly properties for Planet Earth.

Quality politics

COLOMBIANA DE CANNABIS S.A.S works permanently in the continuous improvement of each of its processes, adopting management models that promote:
• The development of human potential.
• Sustainable productions, in harmony with the environment.
• Profitability for the company and shareholders.
• The satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and the community.

Occupational Health Policy (PSO)

In order to generate a safe work environment and achieve compliance with current regulations, the company COLOMBIANA DE CANNABIS SAS undertakes actions in people, in facilities and in processes, which contribute to mitigate and control accident-generating risks and diseases related to its corporate purpose.
The company, in order to create a culture of self-care and compliance with this policy by workers, develops training and training activities that allow the participation of all levels of the organization in the activities of the occupational health program ( PSO).

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