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Wayuu Community

The Wayuus are the most numerous indigenous people in Colombia, and are mostly located in La Guajira. The Wayú people are one of the Arawak peoples who, like a great migratory current, moved both through the Amazon, and towards the Antilles, where they arrived around 150 BC. They were part of their ancestral customs, hunting, fishing and gathering, as well as horticulture, where it was possible, south of the peninsula or in other places with a less desert environment than today.

And for them, for their community and their customs, we want to give them the best, in education, opportunities and development as they allow, to continue promoting their crafts, their families, their beliefs and all their wisdom, to have the least impact , and generate only news and positive legacy for them, their territory and their community.

La Guajira

La Guajira is a Colombian department in the Caribbean Sea, which borders Venezuela and covers most of the peninsula of La Guajira. It is distinguished by its desert landscapes, giant sand dunes and farms and remote fishing villages of the Wayuu indigenous people. The capital city, Riohacha, has a coastline lined with palm trees, beaches and craft stalls, and serves as an access route for adventure tourism in the region. They say that this land that bathes with the Caribbean produces singers and composers of all kinds, so it is nothing strange to meet men and women who sing freely regardless of place and time. And it is not a reason to worry because the beauty of its entire geography is itself a song of life, a song of hope.

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